Illuminode has developed and patented a new way for wireless devices to communicate.  This unique trust-based, self-organizing mesh network enables wireless devices to interact seamlessly without authentication: enabling entertaining, customizable effects.  Illuminode has chosen to express these compelling interactions with LED light, which is harnessed to awesome effect in crowd, event and architectural settings.

Illuminode creates unforgettable products and event experiences. Choose from readily deployable interactive products and systems or have your own unique solution built for you. The brightest minds are at the ready to conceptualize, prototype, manufacture and deploy intelligent lighting systems at any scale…

Illuminated interactivity, custom sequences, flexible expandability. And all provided wirelessly over large areas. Customizable lighting elements and interactivity for: venues, stages, props, and architectural features. Illuminode products are wireless, interactive, controllable, and can be designed with a variety of power and battery options. These illuminated wearables are the most advanced on the market and available now.
Interactive Lighting