Krewella Case Study

The Client

The music duo Krewella used custom LED technology by Illuminode for their complex stage tour setup. The stage consisted of large and elaborate sculptural assembly of three-dimensional illuminated crystals, as well as a video wall and stage lighting and sound. The project began in July when Illuminode was approached by Stefano Novelli, an L.A.- based design and fabrication group. Stephano Novelli had discovered Illuminode’s work through its viral explainer video and through our work as a Beacon sponsor of San Francisco’s Bay Lights project.

Product Vision & Design

The product vision was conceptualized by the innovative and experienced V-Squared Labs in Los Angeles and built by Stefano Noveli Fabricators. Illuminode was asked to illuminate the crystals with addressable LED strips that would be controllable by the Client’s existing lighting software. The vision was to produce a coordinated LED experience linking the sequencing across the crystals, the video wall, and the conventional stage lighting. The tour would take Krewella to dozens of cities and include 50 performances, making ease of setup and breakdown a major factor.

Prototyping & Manufacturing

Working closely with V-Squared and the Stefano Noveli crew, Illuminode sourced specialized hardware that enabled Illuminode’s LEDs to communicate on the same protocol as the Client’s existing commercial lighting software. Illuminode built the components and provided all the necessary hardware and software required to support the larger design effort in the planning stage.

Product in Action

In August, the building of the set began. During the installation stage, which was executed by V-Squared, Illuminode supported the technical specialists with information and service as the Client required, responding immediately to accommodate the intense assembly schedule. Illuminode included a scalability feature into the hardware that allowed for variable and partial setup of the stage elements in the case of a smaller stage or venue, while retaining the functionality of the product. The Krewella crew reported post-tour that Illuminode’s work proved robust and functional throughout the tour and even survived a rain event.