LED Systems for Events

Creating immersive light experiences that engage and entertain crowds and transform venues with intelligent sequenced light. Illuminode’s sophisticated event wearables and DMX-controllable lighting systems are the most advanced on the market. Let Illuminode transform your event – explore our magic.
Event Wearables

This innovative product is a fantastic crowd-pleaser that turns its wearer into a part of an illuminated social network.  Illuminode’s event wearables come in a wide variety of form factors and feature custom colors and sequences.  They are light, durable, DMX-compatible, and are available with power and memory solutions to suit any event.  Illuminode event wearables can operate autonomously, react to specific locations, sounds or position and can be controlled via the Illuminode App.

Imagine a crowd entirely aglow with intelligent illuminated wearables. Wristbands that come alive as the performance starts, and that throb with custom sequences when concertgoers approach certain stages or activation areas. The wearable loves audiences and unleashes exciting patterns when the beat picks up, or releases viral sequences when initiated by certain sounds or embedded triggers. The wearables may even share information about their wearers, who can choose to be specifically identified by colour or sequence to share music taste or status, or to cast a vote. They can serve as illuminated credentials to allow access to VIP or restricted areas…and can also be used to communicate specific groups, such as security personnel, who are dispersed through a crowd. A beautiful sea of intelligent illuminated light.


Orbis Eye

An array of eight wireless Orbis LED nodes designed for deployment in both indoor and outdoor venues. The Orbis Eye system is fully programmable and comes with a rich menu of pre-set sequences, all controlled by the Illuminode app. Orbis Eye nodes are powered both by AC and a robust rechargeable battery, providing maximum flexibility in the field. There are several ‘skins’ for the Orbis nodes available that range from inflatables to 3D printed accessories. No wiring and minimal setup means instant transformation.  Contact us for pricing details.