LED Systems for Architecture & Design

From skyscrapers to centerpieces, Illuminode’s interactive LED technologies take architecture and design into the future.  At the largest scale, these patented lighting systems enable wireless interactivity across wide distances and enhance building displays and design elements with sophisticated and bespoke sequences that entrance and dazzle. On the small scale, fabricating capabilities produce a wide variety of captivating interactive objects for design and decor.  See Illuminode’s work with one of the most notable pieces of illuminated architecture around: The Bay Lights
ORBIS EYE for Architecture

Illuminated interactivity, custom sequences, flexible expandability …and all provided wirelessly over large areas. Robust LED lights illuminate buildings, trees, columns, architectural features, entrances, just about anywhere outside. Illuminode products are wireless, interactive, controllable, weather-proof, and can be customized with a variety of power and battery options. The ideal futuristic design element.


An exciting product that can transform any interior or exterior with sophisticated sequenced light. ChaserLight Strands come in sets of four weatherproof flexible LED strips or nets that can be installed on trees, columns, or across architectural features. ChaserLights are pre-programmed with a stunning array of complex sequences that range from subtle and calming to shockingly bright and crazy. ChaserLights are powered by a waterproof AC connection, modular, and operate wirelessly over an astonishingly wide range.