The Krewella Volcano


The Client  LED technology provider Illuminode built the custom hardware and LEDs used for the concert backdrop used by touring electric dance music (EDM) duo Krewella. The cutting-edge technology allows lighting crewmembers total control of the LED experience. Product Vision & Design For Illuminode the project spawned in July when the company was approached by Stefano Novelli, an L.A.-based design and fabrication group, after it discovered Illuminode’s work its viral explainer video ( ) and it serving as a Beacon sponsor for San Francisco’s Bay Lights project. With some of the components coming from Deskontrol in Spain, the design was conceptualized by V Squared Labs of Los Angeles. The product in Action  In August, the building of the set began. One major goal in manufacturing the custom equipment was ensuring it was durable enough to handle the constant assembly and disassembly during the tour. Moving forward, the work with Krewella is expected to usher in more Illuminode projects in the realm of EDM entertainment, an area it has targeted since its inception.

The Illuminode Explainer Video


Mind Glowing Social Technology Revealed.



Illuminode worked with the  Billion Jelly Bloom  to integrate our wireless modules into their wonderful creatures….providing a brand-new interactive experience!  The upgraded Billion Jelly Bloom debuted in 2012 and continues to wow concert crowd and festivals with their illuminated presence.  Check their website  for where you might see them next!