Illuminode Collaborates with South Park


Illuminode collaborates with South Park to help celebrate their 20th Anniversary at Comic Con 2016 for a Fine Art Tribute to Cartman and the gang! Who would have believed that South Park would be kicking so much ass 20 years later! These dueling light boxes pay tribute to The Spirit of Christmas the short cartoon that was the original viral video VHS TAPE and precursor to South Park World Domination! The famous duel is set on top of and then blended with a classic East Totem West Overprint of two Satty works titled “Alchemical Horses” and “Let The Sun Shine In”! Naturally the colors are inverted with Santa playing foil to Jesus and you can watch them as they intersect and then juxtapose each other as we journey through the color spectrum! Click the photo to see the video of this box working with a lil bit of “Over The Electric Grapevine” rumbling along!

Illuminode Light Boxes


Illuminode Light Boxes are now available!  They recently debuted at our official Spring Wine & Grilled Cheese Open Studio with an appearance at Create Fixate earlier in 2016.  The Light Boxes come in all kinds of sizes ranging from small yet vibrant 11 x 17 up to 4 x 6 foot mammoths . Customizations are always possible we build most boxes with acrylic frames but we also build large boxes capable for outdoor display.  New designs are continually available at Illuminode, where we have a large bank of imagery yet to be unveiled, but we are happy to show upon enquiry.  

Sneak Preview of Illuminode Lightboxes

Cheshire Cat - Illuminode Lightbox

Interactive Illuminode Lightboxes utilize proximity sensors and radio frequency to illicit a connected transformational experience.  The brand new LED driven frames bring artwork to life right in front of your eyes.  GALLERY COMING SOON!          

The Bay Lights Official Wearable by Illuminode


The Bay Lights official pendant by Illuminode!   Sixty-nine twinkling white LEDs, sequenced by artist Leo Villareal, emulate THE BAY LIGHTS on a sleek 2¾” round circuit board and powered by a AAA battery. They were presented on March 5th, 2013, the night of the Grand Lighting, to patrons and elected officials, with artist Leo Villareal preceding the official lighting ceremony. Each illuminated pendant comes  nestled in a black 3 1/2″ box and finished with a locking back pin and adjustable cord. The limited edition wearable includes a touch sensor to control brightness of the LED display and a ‘mode’ button that provides wireless  interactivity  play among all pendants in visual proximity.   The pendant unleashes a special  sequence when close to Pier 14.  The Bay Lights Official Wearable will be available through the  Gift of Light Campaign   to support the ongoing fundraising efforts of  the project’s path to permanence.



Illuminode made a splash at SXSW Interactive Week at the Huffpost/Nasa bash featuring the French Horn Rebellion and NASA’s remixed Hubble Telescope projections.  Illuminode showcased stunning interactive costumes and showered the crowd and performers with white furry interactive headbands.  Read more about Illuminode glowing minds at the  Huffington Post .



Illuminode worked with the  Billion Jelly Bloom  to integrate our wireless modules into their wonderful creatures….providing a brand-new interactive experience!  The upgraded Billion Jelly Bloom debuted in 2012 and continues to wow concert crowd and festivals with their illuminated presence.  Check their website  for where you might see them next!